Inauguration 18.10.22

Programme inauguration 18th October:

• welcoming and thanks by Francis Maes, professor of musicology and promotor of Academic Chair Jonet at the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Sciences, Faculty of Arts & Philosophy, Ghent University - text in English - video

• welcoming and thanks by Koen Goethals, president of the Ghent University of Applied Sciences and Arts - text in Dutch / text in English - video

• on the commitment of the Fondation Futur 21, by its president Martine Jonet - text in Dutch-English-French - video

• on the interest of the London based Guildhall School of Music and Drama in developing a close collaboration with the Academic Chair Jonet and its centre CESAMM, by Research professor John Sloboda - text in English - video

• inauguration addresses 

• surprise intervention by Marc Vervenne - text in English - video

• performance by De Ledebirds